I am interested in internet security

Not surprised, I failed my cmpt 404, cryptography. Well, I am taking another course this summer, math 342, number theory and it is a lot of fun and the instructor is excellent, Dr. Matthew DeVos. I am glad that I decided to take this course.

Recently, I found that there are lots of lecture videos on youtube, from schools such as Harvard, MIT, Berkeley. Those lectures are really nice and there are many fantastic instructors. Now, I am watching lecture series from Harvard Extension school. It is about building dynamic website, the content which is similar to CMPT 470. I have taken CMPT 470 but I feel that I only learned fragments of knowledge, and I feel that I really need to firm my foundation.

Here is the course website of this lecture series. The instructor is really fantastic and he also talked about knowledge of networking. Very helpful….you can view the lecture videos through this website.






About sofialiao

grown up in Taipei, Taiwan, living in Vancouver at the moment, wandering around, and trying to find the meaning of my life.
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